What to wear when working from home is more of a consideration than you might imagine. Sure, you can sit there in your jim jams and slippers but if you do you will feel neither professional nor motivated.

Look how many people have been very publicly caught out on a zoom call because of what they were wearing - or not wearing!

Dressing properly for work is vital, as is creating an organised routine and structure to your day, otherwise it will just slide by in a haze of coffee mugs, biscuits, under-achievement and inactivity.

Of course working at your own kitchen table is rather different from commuting to the Shard - power suits are definitely not a requirement! At home you can dress down and be comfortable, but this does not mean sloppy.

Mandarina Shoes have a host of brilliant lockdown work shoe choices - check out our super soft loafers and blissfully comfortable leather sneakers, for starters. Our Harris Tweed flats are a great day shoe too, along with our Soho boots, Long Boots or Chelseas for an easy indoor/outdoor transition.

Take it from us - look smart and you'll be smart!


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