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Kitten Heels | Mandarina Shoes

Following recent acclaim in The Daily Telegraph, we are rather low on stock in our kitten heel styles. MORE COMING soon - please email us to reserve your size ahead of delivery.

As we all know the kitten heel is THE big trend of 2017. Move over stiletto spikes and make way for something infinitely more perky and practical.

Fashion’s latest revival was immensely popular in the 1990s, and if we’re honest, we never truly understood why they disappeared from the shelves. The kitten heel is incredibly comfortable to wear when compared to six inch stilettos, yet bring the same amount of grace and sophistication to any outfit.

This Nineties favourite is the shoe of choice for British Prime Minister, Theresa May - giving just the right amount of elegance and height, without hampering swift movement!  

Here at Mandarina, we offer a brilliant range of women's kitten heels in fun, original patterns and colours which we guarantee you won't find anywhere else.

24 Products
24 Products