A luxury pile..

What fabric says Christmas more than velvet? None. Velvet says glamour, luxury, and comfort. It says something about making an effort. Something special. It doesn’t have to be Christmas: velvet says dressing up a bit, having a party.

It’s been making an impact for hundreds of years, via the Silk Road from China - velvet always said class and privilege, and spoke reams through its short, tufted silk fibres. And it still does today.  Worn by popes and princes throughout the Italian renaissance and in royal courts, and by hippies and pop stars in the 1970s, today velvet is for everyone.

It’s more likely to be man made today, than made from silk, but its rich textured pile carries colour just the same and, in shoes and boots, it is more durable. Certainly an indoor shoe, but with brocades, or denim, a party tress or skinny jeans, a pair of Venitia Navy Slingbacks with a diamante buckle will complete any outfit. And a pair of velvet flats – whether you’re going out or staying in – mean comfort and luxury, and says as much about you as a pair of ankle boots with under-stated cigarette pants.



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