Tweed and Plaid

Tweed and Plaid


This season tweed is more downtown than Downtown Abbey. Proof that tweed has shaken off its stuffy reputation is the fact that you’ll find just as much of it in autumn/winter runway collections for the past 5 years as you would languishing in mounds of dust at the back of an old wardrobe.

Though how does one wear tweed without looking like you’ve just lost track of the shooting party? The answer of course is with a pair of Mandarina ankle boots. Our brand new styled ankle boots are every bit as hardy, not to mention stylishly smart, chic, robust, weatherproof, and very cosy!

Caroline - our founder and brand director has been working with tweed for years. “I started looking at tweed and couldn’t believe how perfect it was for boots and shoes, and in such beautiful colours. You can wear it with everything from a city suit to a pair of jeans. Added to which, the patterns are unique. We have to be very precise with pattern placement and matching the tweed grid. Achieving this kind of quality and fine detail has not proved possible here in the UK or Spain, where the shoe factories are much more mechanised.” Talk about paying fashion its dues. 

The Harris Tweed label has global appeal. It is extremely well recognised and the fabric is sought after worldwide. So it was always in style, but this winter, yet again, it is also on trend.

Mandarina Shoes are at the forefront of fashion when it comes to tweed boots and shoes. We have been launching highly successful tweed ranges each year for well over 8 years now and this Autumn/Winter is no exception.

Our loyal customers return each year for the new Tweed season collections.

Caroline  also praises the quality and choice of fabulous tweeds from the famous tweed houses in the Western Isles of Scotland.

Wonderful Weavers Donald John MacKay,


Catherine Campbell

Both have fabulous choices of colours of hand woven tweeds.We highly recommend them.

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