The Power of Three

What shoes and boots do you take on a City work trip when you have hand-baggage only?

We posed this question to our travel mad Brand Director, Caroline, who has become a skilful packer over the years.

"It goes without saying that the shoes I wear on my travels have to be Mandarina - I represent the brand after all. If I am wearing one of our more iconic colourful styles I am frequently stopped and asked where my shoes come from, it is amazing - and flattering. Hence I always keep some cards handy card with the website address on them."

Of course Caroline's choices are seasonally dependent, but the Power of Three is her usual mantra. "I pack a smart pair for the boardroom, sneakers for sightseeing (just in case time permits), or if it's Winter I would take the Roadie boot instead. And then my Black satin Vivier-style flats are my evening fixture. They dress up whatever you are wearing in an instant and have great WOW factor."

Your shoes say a lot about you, people can judge you immediately by what you have on your feet. This applies to both men and women.

"Having such a fantastic range of gorgeous shoes and boots to choose from does make it difficult to pick sometimes", says Caroline. "I have to confess a few extra pairs do quite often find their way into my husband's bag. He is very long-suffering, but I just have to remind him "they mean business!""



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