How is 2020?!

How is 2020?!


How are they going, your new year resolutions??  It’s the 16th of the month, the over-indulgence is over (or at least it really should be by now!) and we’re back to work, full of resolve to carry on this clean living regime…. Or are you cursing yourself for your lack of self-will, for letting the units creep back up, and for not darkening the doors of the gym even once since it reopened last Thursday!! Well don’t be cross – be kind! And most importantly, don’t give up just because you’ve fallen at the first fence. Start again – but do it in a kindly way. Think about living better for a new decade, not just a year – or even January, for the sake of good health

I couldn’t start my ‘sensible eating’ regime on 1 January because I still had too much good food in the fridge…  Which meant of course that I haven’t started at all! But now the fridge contains nothing but lean meat, 0% yoghurt, and vegetables, and I’m starting tomorrow. I am cutting out gluten and dairy, and wine. I will not be 100% successful, but I will be kind when I have a good day– pat myself on the back when it goes well, and I will stick at it.

And by way of a carrot, I have bought myself a pair of Mandarina Tweed Pixie Boots.. in Moorland. That’s how kind I’m being! They’re great with jeans, and with black when I want to be smarter, and they’re so comfortable! Be kind to yourself too – buy a pair of boots!

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