Covid Casual

Covid has caused us to re-evaluate a lot of things in life, not least of all the way we dress.

We are now bombarded on a daily basis with pictures of slouchy pyjama sets, cashmere hoodies, yoga pants etc Add a pair of slippers as well and you will have officially joined the tribe of all-day track suit wearers. Our twin-setted Grandmothers would no doubt turn in their graves.

Here at Mandarina we love casual style, but style is the operative word! Yes, wear your PJ's, but buy pretty ones and choose some lovely mules to wear with them. 

"My favourite Lockdown pyjamas came from The White Nightie Company," says our Brand Director Caroline. "They are so pretty and so comfortable to wear in the softest Indian cotton with a classic paisley motif.  I bought a set for each of my daughters too! And the best thing about them is they work so well with our Mandarina mules."

So yes, dress down, but don't slide into dull and dowdy!



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