Courting Success

Courting Success

New year - New Shoes

Happy New Year! And if New Year means new boots, it means new shoes too. A great choice a girl can make is the Bronte Court Shoe in hyacinth blue and lavender, for lots of good reasons. Choose them because they are the epitome of a Mandarina shoe: classy, quirky, and comfortable (that’s a good start) – they are spotty, pretty and made of wool. (Wool? Yes, those new to Mandarina will soon learn…  that a shoe made from wool is durable, weatherproof, versatile, pretty -  and designed in Scotland.)

She has made sartorial resolutions this new year - to buy better quality, to buy with fun in mind, and to look for natural fibres. (So these  were such an obvious choice), and to look for shoes that will carry her through the seasons. These Brontes will stride easily into Spring and beyond.

Today,she is casual and comfortable in jeans and her red but the Bronte will work equally well for formal occasions, and when she goes back to work - not for a week, this lucky girl. She works in the City, but it really doesn’t matter where you toil, these are shoes that will carry any of us through a day’s work, with a 7cm heel (a lift, not a teeter) and the blissful micro suede lining. Conscientious? Hard=working? And look at her feet 

Happy New Decade!


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