Annabel & Grace (formerly CountryWives) and Mandarina Shoes have been in partnership a long time supporting each other as flourishing small brands with a similar demographic of wonderful fans!

Reading their online magazine for women over 40, Annabel & Grace is like spending time with your best girlfriends – happy women who love sharing really useful ideas and inspiring stories. "Our weekly online magazine is always upbeat, positive and pro-age. Everything on our website aims to inspire women to feel fantastic and be the best they can be, however old you are," they joyful duo explain.

"Our e-magazine began life in early 2010, as a way of keeping in touch with our friends. It has, over the years, morphed into an award-winning online weekly magazine. We have been so inspired by numerous women that we decided to share their stories and their lifestyle choices, to showcase all that’s positive about being an older woman in today’s world.”

Annabel and Grace are a joy to spend time with and they have worn many a pair of Mandarina Shoes in their fashion photo shoots and vlogs. They are brilliant at spotting all the latest trends for women and keep up to date with great new recipes and relevant articles on all things female. They collaborate with Kettlewell colours, The Hotel Guru and many more inspirational brands. 

Mandarina Founder & Brand Director, Caroline, was recently one of their featured profiles.


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