A World of Colour

Someone once said "Caroline, your house is full of wonderful colours".

That observation made me actually sit, look and take in the colours in my house. They are colours that I have collected from around the world. Having lived in Asia, I have a love of places new and every year I combine that love of colour and exciting adventure to new places buying fabrics for my next collection of shoes.

Combining those passions, makes my business.

I suppose the love of textural colourful design is my passion. If you looked in my wardrobe you would be delighted to see so much colour in front of you!

And yes, my house certainly is full of colour and the colours are very important to me. They are vibrant, they make me smile, they co-ordinate... most of the time! Even if they don't co-ordinate, somehow they work together. The most important point is they are memories of wonderful times.

I am not one to keep up with the latest high fashion or wear this season's trend but when it comes to designing shoes for Mandarina I noticed it is the same. We have been making tweed shoes for 15 years and the trend comes and goes but we sell them every year. Of course we change some styles in terms of round toe or pointy toe, but we don't stop making the round toe, we keep it going. We are classical, we are colourful and every season we will be on trend because we have so much choice. Especially the choice of colour, something to accessorise all outfits!

If you are in tune with the look that suits you, the cut, the style, the colour, you can always change it but let me ask you this: does it resonate with you that perhaps you have found yourself and you are happy with the way you are? You can always tweak or update with a change of scarf or shape of jacket, but finding your own style, the classical style that suits you brings happiness and harmony in dressing.

We hope you find happiness and harmony with our choices for you at  Mandarina Shoes, choice, colour and styles to suit all.

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