Kitten Heel Wedding Shoes - Our Ultimate Bridal Bestsellers

Kitten Heel Wedding Shoes - Our Ultimate Bridal Bestsellers

Kitten heel wedding shoes are always top of the best sellers list for bridal shoes. The kitten heel shoe has a grace and timeless beauty unrivalled by any other type of shoe. Kitten heels will give a bride grace and elegance on a day when every detail counts. As every bride to be knows, finding the right wedding shoes is about more than just buying footwear. Kitten heels offer comfort without sacrificing style. Their modest height gives you the poise you need without the pain of higher heels. Perfect for the long hours of standing, walking, and dancing that a wedding day entails. Kitten heel wedding shoes blend tradition and modernity, making them the ideal choice for any bride who values both. There’s something simple and beautiful about kitten heels making them the unsung heroes of bridal fashion, providing the perfect balance of comfort and elegance. All of our Mandarina Kitten heel wedding shoes are made for brides who know that true style is in the details. They are unique, luxurious, and surprisingly affordable. Here are a few of our favourite styles from our Kitten heel wedding shoes collection.

White Kitten Heel Wedding Slingbacks

White Wedding Kitten Heel Slingbacks

Handmade from stunning white brocade satin, these white kitten heel wedding slingbacks feature a delicate cherry blossom design and are lined with soft kid leather. They are a dream come true for any bride looking for elegant footwear that is also comfy to wear.

First and foremost, these bridal shoes embody timeless elegance. Perfect for a traditional white wedding, our 4cm kitten heel wedding slingbacks will add a touch of sophistication that is hard to match. The cherry blossom pattern is subtle yet enchanting, capturing the essence of a celebration of love. If you wish for a bit of extra sparkle, you can pair them with our pearl or diamanté shoe clips, which are sold separately.

Each pair is unique due to slight variations in pattern placement. This ensures that your white wedding kitten heels are truly one-of-a-kind.

They feature adjustable buckled slingbacks and a pointed toe, providing an average to generous fit. The 4cm kitten heel is ideal for all-day wear, allowing you to stand, walk, and dance with ease. The real leather lining and quality leather-look non-slip sole ensure stability with every step. For the perfect fit, we suggest sizing down for half sizes.

Satin Kitten Heel Wedding Slingbacks

These off-white duchesse satin kitten heel wedding shoes perfectly encapsulate bridal beauty. Lined with soft kid leather and trimmed with a ruched satin band, they feature a delicate oval diamante buckle. It’s hard to find a more beautiful pair at this price. They promise to be a stunning choice for your big day and night.

The design is simple yet elegant. The shape is one of our most popular and comfortable. A 4cm kitten heel gives you just the right lift. The tapered toe adds a touch of sophistication. The adjustable slingback ensures a secure fit. A quality leather-look sole completes the design, making these shoes both stylish and durable.

Comfort is key. The soft kid leather lining feels plush against your skin. These wedding kitten heels are reasonably weather and stain resistant, so you can enjoy your day without worry. They fit generously, and we recommend sizing down for half sizes to get the perfect fit.

These off-white duchesse satin kitten heel wedding shoes are a perfect blend of elegance, comfort, and practicality. They are crafted to add a touch of timeless beauty to your wedding day. Wear them and feel the difference. Simple. Elegant. Perfect.

 Wedding Kitten Heel Slingbacks

Ivory Satin Wedding Kitten Heels

Step into your own fairytale wedding with these exquisitely pretty bridal kitten heels in off-white duchesse satin. Lined with soft kid leather, these kitten heel wedding shoes are a dream to wear. The ruched satin band, dotted with delicate freshwater pearls, adds a touch of sophistication. Not just any wedding shoes, these are unique and luxurious, plus you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more beautiful pair at this price.

Please note that these are genuine freshwater pearls from Vietnam used in these shoes, but real pearls, not plastic beads!

These beautiful kitten heel wedding slingbacks are designed for comfort. With a 4cm kitten heel, they give you the perfect lift without compromising on comfort. The elegant tapered toe and adjustable buckled slingback ensure a snug fit. The quality leather-look sole provides durability, making these shoes reasonably weather and stain-resistant. You can wear them all day and dance all night without a hint of discomfort. Step into elegance, comfort, and timeless beauty with these exquisite bridal heels.

Satin Kitten Heel Wedding Slingbacks


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